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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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Mexicans put own mask on Halloween

MEXICO CITY -- The merchants at the Sonora Market are doing a brisk business in plastic pumpkins, wizard costumes and devil's pitchforks. Eerie music blares from the loudspeakers: It's the Halloween rush.

"I want my Halloween!" Mexican children will shout this week, though not necessarily the same night as kids north of the border. "Quiero mi Halloween," they will say, because there is no commonly used translation of "Trick or treat!" for this American import that falls at about the same time as the more spiritual Day of the Dead.

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The English syllables that make up the word "Halloween" carry an additional note of weirdness for Mexicans. Some choose to write Halloween with the Spanish transliteration jaloguin, as in the statement: The Roman Catholic Church requests that the faithful refrain from celebrating that pagan American holiday known as jaloguin.

"Against Halloween," one poster wrote this month on a Spanish-language Catholic website. "I propose a cultural rebellion, a Christian rebellion, a Catholic rebellion!"

Like baseball and fast-food restaurants, Halloween is one of those U.S. cultural products that has inexorably worked its way into Mexican life. And just as the local McDonald's outlets dispense packets of jalapeño sauce for their customers' Big Macs, people here have taken Halloween and given it a Mexican touch.

When Mexico City children go door to door dressed in costumes and ask for candy, it isn't necessarily on Oct. 31. Many children here will seek their treats on Friday of this week, when Mexicans mark the Day of the Dead.

In Mexico City, the masks and costumes of Halloween are a lighthearted, secular flavoring on top of the more solemn Day of the Dead, when many families perform rituals meant to honor and comfort the souls of their departed loved ones.

"Here in Mexico we still celebrate the Day of the Dead more than Halloween," said Enrique Garcia, a 36-year-old Mexico City native whose stand at the Sonora Market was filled with latex Halloween masks. "But with Halloween we make a little more money."

One day this month, Garcia sold half a dozen masks in less than 15 minutes, the most popular being the Ghostface character from the "Scream" movies. Shoppers squeezed through the market's narrow aisles in search of costumes, Frankenstein statues and bottles of fake blood.

Halloween has long been celebrated in northern Mexico, where the cultural influence of the United States is stronger, said Stanley Brandes, a UC Berkeley anthropology professor and author of a book on the Day of the Dead, "Skulls to the Living, Bread to the Dead."

In recent decades, Halloween has gained in popularity in central Mexico, despite criticisms from Mexican intellectuals and church leaders, who have periodically instructed Catholics on the perceived dangers of the holiday.

"The majority of the people in the country actually like Halloween and accept it," Brandes said. And criticisms of Halloween's commercialism ignore one important fact, he said: "There's a lot of money being made from Day of the Dead too. I don't think it's any less commercial than Halloween."

A few stands down from Garcia's, Isaac Montes de Oca was buying plastic buckets in the shape of pumpkins and mummies for his daughter's first birthday party. She was born Nov. 2, so Montes de Oca and his wife were organizing the party with a Halloween theme.

"We're from Guerrero," a state south of Mexico City, "and there we celebrate the Day of the Dead," he said. "We have big parties where we reenact scenes from the Bible. They don't do that here in Mexico City. Here, it's Halloween."

Bernice Rodriguez, a vendor wearing a pair of red-sequined devil's horns, sold the Montes de Oca family six pumpkin buckets and six mummy buckets for the wholesale price of $1.50 each.

Rodriguez's wares were a mixture of cheap Halloween imports and locally made products with origins in the Day of the Dead. Papier-mache skeletons hung from a wire, alongside a tall statue of "La Catrina," a female skeleton dressed in formal clothing and based on famous Day of the Dead etchings Jose Guadalupe Posada drew almost a century ago.

"People here buy La Catrina so they can decorate their Halloween parties," Rodriguez said. "Halloween is not something I grew up with. . . . In my house we still put out the offerings" for the Day of the Dead.

On Nov. 2, many Catholic families in central Mexico leave plates of food and glasses of water in their homes overnight, alongside a votive candle. Folk tradition has it that the souls of the dead appear during the night to eat and drink.

"We put out the offering for my father," said Gabriela Gonzalez, a vendor at the Sonora Market.

"It's a little plate of mole, because that was his favorite food. And a little shot of brandy, too. And a cigar."

Though packed with Halloween shoppers in October, throughout the year the Sonora Market is a place where people come in search of the herbs, incense and other paraphernalia necessary to seek favors from the spirit world.

Gonzalez runs one such stall, a few paces from the ones selling Halloween costumes. Once Halloween is over, those other stands will return to selling cheap toys and other goods.

"You burn incense on the Day of the Dead, because the smoke helps the dead to find their path," Gonzalez said.

"If you try the food you left out during the night and it doesn't have any flavor in the morning, it means the dead person came and tasted it."

One Day of the Dead night not long ago, Gonzalez said, she awoke to the sound of a man chugging down water and chewing food. It was her departed father, she said, come to enjoy a meal in his old home.

Telling this story, Gonzalez broke into a warm smile. She had told a good ghost story, just like the ones you hear on Halloween.

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beşiktaş çaykur rize spor maç özeti

Kupa mesaisi
Fortis Türkiye Kupası'nda İnönü'de Ç.Rizespor'u ağırlıyoruz

Fortis Türkiye Kupası 1. Grup mücadelesinde Beşiktaşımız ile Ç.Rizespor karşı karşıya geliyor. Beşiktaş İnönü Stadı'nda saat 17.00'de başlayacak olan maçı Mustafa Kamil Abitoğlu yönetecek. Ligde son oynadığı maçta İnönü Stadı'nda İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor'la 0-0 berabere kalarak avantaj yitiren Beşiktaş, Fortis Türkiye Kupası'nda kayıpsız yoluna devam etmek istiyor. Son iki yılın şampiyonu, ligde son oynadığı maçta deplasmanda Ankaragücü'ne mağlup olan Ç.Rizespor'la puan mücadelesi verecek.

Siyah-beyazlılarda İbrahim Toraman, Delgado, Gökhan Zan, Serdar Kurtuluş, Tello ve İbrahim Akın'ın sakatlıkları sürüyor. Bu oyuncular Ç.Rizespor maçı kadrosunda yer almıyorlar.


Rüştü Reçber
İbrahim Üzülmez
Lamine Diatta
Koray Avcı
Mehmet Sedef
Mehmet Yozgatlı
Federico Higuain
Ali Tandoğan
Burak Yılmaz
Marcio Nobre


STAT: İnönü
SAAT: 17.00
HAKEM: Mustafa Kamil Abitoğlu


Çaykur Rizespor'da Beşiktaş maçı öncesi sakat ve cezalı oyuncu bulunmazken geçtiğimiz sezon Beşiktaş'tan kiralık olarak Rizespor'a gelen Fahri Tatan sözleşmesi gereği Beşiktaş'a karşı forma giyemeyecek. Fahri'nin, Beşiktaş maçında oynaması durumunda ise Rizespor kulübü siyah-beyazlı kulübe 1 milyon dolar tazminat ödenmek zorunda kalacak.

Kaynak: Karakartal.com ve Ajanslar

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fenerbahçe gaziantep maç özeti

Lig ve Avrupa'da yoluna devam eden Kanarya, 25 yıldır kazanamadığı Fortis Türkiye Kupası serüvenine bu akşam Gaziantep sınavıyla başlıyor.

Turkcell Süper Lig’de şampiyonluğu, Şampiyonlar Ligi’nde de büyük başarıları hedefleyen Fenerbahçe, bu akşam üçüncü cepheyi açıyor. Sarı-Lacivertli ekip, 25 yıldır müzesine götüremediği Fortis Türkiye Kupası’nda, grubundaki ilk karşılaşmada Gaziantepspor’u ağırlıyor. Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadı’nda saat 20.00’de başlayacak mücadeleyi Barış Şimşek yönetecek. Teknik direktör Arthur Zico, geçen sezonda da yaptığı gibi kupa maçında aslarını dinlendirip, fazla süre alamayan oyunculardan oluşacak yedek ağırlıklı bir 11 sahaya sürecek. Camianın çeyrek asırdır bu kupaya hasret olduğunu ve artık şeytanın bacağını kırmak istediklerini belirten Brezilyalı hoca, Gaziantep karşısında şans vereceği futbolcularıyla bir toplantı yaparak, “Kupa maçları, kendinizi göstermeniz için büyük bir fırsat. Türkiye Kupası’nda yaşadığımız şanssızlığa bir son verelim. Nasıl başlarsak, öyle devam eder. Gaziantep, Türkiye’nin güçlü ekiplerinden biri. İşi sıkı tutun ve ilk maçımızdan galibiyetle ayrılalım” dedi. Konuk ekipte, sakatlıkları süren Bekir ve Özgür Bayev oynamayacak.

Volkan Babacan
Can Arat
Uğur Boral
Colin Kazım
Ali Bilgin
İlhan Parlak

Mehmet Polat

Stat: Şükrü Saracoğlu
Yayın: Lig TV
Saat: 20.00
Hakem: Barış Şimşek

Yönetimden maça davet
Fenerbahçe ile Gaziantepspor arasında bu akşam oynanacak Fortis Türkiye Kupası C Grubu ilk hafta maçının biletleri satışa çıkarıldı. Taraftarı maça davet eden Sarı-Lacivertli kulüp, Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadı’nda saat 20.00’de oynanacak olan karşılaşmanın bilet fiyatlarını şu şekilde belirledi: Migros Tribünü: 15 YTL, Telsim Tribünü: 15 YTL, Fenerium Üst Tribün: 30 YTL, Fenerium Alt G Blok: 60 YTL, Fenerium Alt B-F Blok: 100 YTL, Fenerium Alt C-E Blok: 120 YTL.

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Bill Gates Tahtından Oldu

Bill Gates artık dünyanın en zengin adamı değil. Peki yenisi kim?
Hintli işadamı Mukesh Ambani dünyanın en zengin kişisi oldu.

Mumbai Sensex endeksinin Avrupalı ve ABD’li yatırımcıların yatırımlarını kaydırmasının etkisiyle ikiye katlaması Ambani’ye ait olan Reliance Industries şirketinin değerini de katladı.

Endeksin en değerli şirketi haline gelen Reliance Industries şirketi Ambani’nin net varlıkları toplamını da 63.2 milyar dolara çıkardı.

Meksikalı işadamı Carlos Slim ve Microsoft’un sahibi Bill Gates’in toplam varlıkları 62 milyar doları buluyor.

Ambani, petro kimya, tekstil ve biyokimya sektörlerinde faaliyet gösteriyor.

Hindistan’ın çelik devi ve ArcelorMittal’in sahibi Lakshmi Mittal ise 50.9 milyar dolarlık serveti ile dünyanın 5. en zengin adamı oldu.

Mittal daha önce Hindistan’ın en zenginiydi ancak bu unvanını Ambani’ye kaptırdı.


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Kartal kupaya döndü

Beşiktaş, geçtiğimiz yıl şampiyonluğa ulaştığı Fortis Türkiye Kupası'nda bugün Çaykur Rize ile karşılaşıyor. İnönü'deki maç 17.00'de başlıyor.

Süper Lig ve Şampiyonlar Ligi’nde mücadelesini sürdüren Beşiktaş, geçen yıl zaferle bitirdiği Fortis Türkiye Kupası serüvenine bugün başlıyor. A Grubu’nda yer alan Kara Kartal, ilk maçında evinde Çaykur Rizespor’u konuk edecek. İnönü Stadı’nda 17.00’de oynanacak karşılaşmayı Mustafa Kamil Abitoğlu yönetecek. Siyah-Beyazlı takımda akıllar, Çaykur Rize mücadelesinden çok Fenerbahçe ve Liverpool maçlarında... Ligde ve Avrupa’da başarılı olmak için bu iki zorlu sınavdan galibiyetle ayrılmak isteyen Beşiktaş’ın, bugünkü karşılaşmaya yedek ağırlıklı bir kadroyla çıkması bekleniyor. Bu arada, taraftarların maç biletlerine fazla ilgi göstermediği öğrenildi.

İbrahim Kaş
Mehmet Sedef
M. Yozgatlı


Stat: İnönü
Yayın: LİG TV
Saat: 17.00
Hakem: M.Kamil Abitoğlu

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vestel manisa : 3 trabzonspor: 0 maçın özeti ve maçın golleri

Trabzonspor'la ilk resmi maçında eski takımı V.Manisa karşısına çıkan Ersun Yanal, Ege temsilcisine 3-0 mağlup olarak Fortis Türkiye Kupası'na kötü bir başlangıç yaptı.

Stat: 19 Mayıs
Hakemler: Hüseyin Göçek, Serkan Ok, Erdem Bayık
Vestel Manisaspor: Bülent xxx, Dvornik xxx, Borbiconi xxx, Kalabane xxx, Ferhat xxx, Uğur xxx, Güven xxx, Şener xxx, Selçuk xxx (Dk. 81 Sezer ?), Metin xxx (Dk. 83 Okan ?), Holosko xxx (Dk. 81 Rafael ?)
Trabzonspor: Jeferson xx, Tayfun x (Dk. 55 Ergin x), Tolga x, Erdinç xx, Celaleddin x, Hüseyin x (Dk. 43 Ferhat x), Serkan xx, Ayman xx, Ceyhun x (Dk. 67 Mustafa x), Gökdeniz xx, Umut x
Goller: Dk. 49 Borbiconi, Dk. 59 Güven, Dk. 76 Metin (Vestel Manisaspor)
Sarı Kartlar: Dk. 5 Bülent, Dk. 29 Kalabane, Dk. 37 Şener (Vestel Manisaspor), Dk. 19 Erdinç, Dk. 61 Gökdeniz, Dk. 62 Ceyhun (Trabzonspor)


Hüseyin Göçek, 90 dakikanın son düdüğünü çaldı. Fortis Türkiye Kupası B Grubu ilk maçında V.Manisa, Trabzonspor'u 3-0 mağlup etmeyi başardı.

Dakika 90: Manisa atağında Güven'in vuruşunda defanstan seken top direğe çarparak kornere gitti.

Karşılaşmanın 4. hakemi 3 dakikalık uzatmayı işaret etti.

Dakika 87: Manisaspor ceza alanına atılan pasa Gökdeniz hareketlendi, vuruşunda Bülent gole izin vermedi.

Manisaspor'da Okan Koç oyuna girdi, Metin Akan kenara alındı.

Dakika 83: Sağ kanattan gelişen Trabzon atağında Serkan'ın ortasına Umut yükseldi ancak defans araya girerek tehlikeyi önledi.

Manisa'da Selçuk ve Holosko oyundan çıktı, Sezer ve Rafael oyuna dahil oldu.

Manisa atağında Metin sağ çaprazda topla buluştu, Celaleddin'den sıyrıldı, dar açıdan vuruşunda Jeferson'u mağlup etmeyi başardı: 3-0

Dakika 73: Serkan Balcı uzaktan şansını denedi anvak top farklı şekilde auta gitti.

Dakika 72: Hızlı gelişen Manisa atağında Holosko ortadan kaçan Metin'i topla buluşturmak istedi ancak defans zamanında araya koyarak tehlikeyi önledi.

Trabzonspor'da Ceyhun kenara alındı, Mustafa Keçeli oyunda.

Dakika 63: Hızlı gelişen Trabzon atağında Ceyhun ceza alanına hareketlenen Gökdeniz'i topla buluşturdu, onun vuruşunda top farklı şekilde auta gitti.

Dakika 62: SARI KART
Trabzonspor'da Gökdeniz ve Ceyhun sarı kart gördü.

Dakika 61: Sağ kanattan gelişen Manisa atağında ortaya çevrilen topun üzerinden Güven atladı, Holosko'dan önce defans araya girerek tehlikeyi önledi.

Trabzon savunmasının arkasına hareketlenen Güven ceza alanında topla buluştu, karşı karşıya pozisyonda sert vurdu ve takımını 2 farklı üstünlüğe taşıdı: 2-0

Trabzon'da Tayfun oyun kenarına alındı, Ergin oyunda.

Dakika 55: Hızlı gelişen Manisa atağında Trabzon defansı 3'e 2 yakalandı. Güven soldaki Holosko'yu topla buluşturdu onun vuruşunda top farklı şekilde auta gitti.

Manisa'nın sol kanattan kazandığı serbest vuruşta ceza alanına yapılan ortaya Borbiconi kafayı vurdu ve takımını 1-0'lık üstünlüğe taşıdı.

Dakika 46: İkinci yarı Trabzonspor'un vuruşuyla başladı.


Hüseyin Göçek ilk 45 dakikanın son düdüğünü çaldı.

Karşılaşmanın 4. hakemi 3 dakikalık uzatmayı işaret etti.

Trabzonspor'da oyuna devam edemeyen Hüseyin'in yerine Ferhat oyuna girdi.

Trabzonsporlu Hüseyin, sakatlığı nedeniyle oyuna devam edemiyor. Hakem oyunu durdurdu. Trabzon kaptanı teknik heyete değiştirilmesini işaret ederek oyunu terk etti.

Dakika 42: Trabzon defansının arkasına atılan topa Holosko hareketlendi ancak pozisyonu ofsayt.

Dakika 38: SARI KART
Hızlı gelişen Trabzon atağında Ceyhun topla giderken Şener rakibini formasından çekince sarı kartla cezalandırıldı.

Dakika 36: Manisa yine Holosko'yla gole çok yaklaştı. Sol kanattan geliştirdiği atakta ceza alanına girdi, Erdinç'ten kurtardı vuruşunda top üstten auta gitti.

Dakika 36: Erdinç'ten seken topa Holosko hareketlendi, ceza alanında girdiği ikili mücadelede yerde kaldı, hakem bu pozisyonda devam kararı verdi.

Dakika 33: Trabzon defansının arkasına atılan topa Holosko hareketlendi, ancak yardımcı hakem ofsayt bayrağını kaldırdı.

Dakika 30: SARI KART
V.Manisspor'da Kalabane, Serkan'a yaptığı sert faul sonsarı sarı kart gördü.

Dakika 26: V.Manisa Holosko'yla gole çok yaklaştı. Sağ kanattan gelişen atakta Selçuk çizgiye kadar indi, içeri çıkartığı topa Holosko gelişine vurdu, Jeferson ayaklarıyla topu uzaklaştırarak gole izin vermedi.

Dakika 23: Ceyhun'un Manisa defansının arkasına gönderdiği topa Umut hareketlendi ancak Bülent kalesini terk ederek tehlikeyi önledi.

Dakika 22: Gökdeniz'in sol kanattan ceza alanına yaptığı ortaya Aymah penaltı noktası üzerinde kafayı vurdu ancak top farklı şekilde auta gitti.

Dakika 19: SARI KART
Hızlı gelişen V.Manisa atağında Trabzonsporlu Erdinç rakibini faulle durdurunca sarı kart gördü.

Dakika 18: Sol kanattan gelişen Trabzon atağından Gökdeniz'in ceza alanına yaptığı ortada top Bülent'ten sekti, Ayman önünde kalan topa vurdu Kalabane son anda çizgiden çıkardı.

Dakika 15: Sağ kanattan gelişen Trabzon atağında Ceyhun rakibinden topu kurtardı, ceza alanına gönderdiği topa kimse dokunamadı.

Dakika 12: Hızlı gelişen Trabzon atağında araya atılan topa Umut hareketlendi ancak Bülent çıkarak topa sahip oldu.

Dakika 10: Trabzon defansının arkasına atılan uzun topo Holosko hareketlendi, ceza alanı sağ çaprazından kaleyi düşündü ancak top farklı şekilde auta gitti.

Gökdeniz tedavisini yaptırmak için oyun alanının dışına çıktı.

Dakika 6: SARI KART
Sağ kanattan gelişen Trabzon atağında Gökdeniz topla buluştu, kaleci Bülent'in ceza alanı dışına çıkarak yaptığı müdahale sonrası hakem Manisa kalecisi Bülent'i sarı kartla cezalandırdı.

Dakika 5: Uğur ceza alnı dışından şansını denedi ancak top üstten auta gitti.

Dakika 2: Ceyhun'un ara pasında ceza alanında topla buluşun Gökdeniz çaprazdan vurdu ancak top kaleci Bülent'te kaldı.

Dakika 1: Karşılaşma V.Manisa'nın vuruşuyla başladı.

Stat: 19 Mayıs
Hakemler: Hüseyin Göçek, Serkan Ok, Erdem Bayık

V.Manisaspor: Bülent, Dvornik, Borbiconi, Kalabane, Ferhat, Uğur, Güven, Şener, Selçuk, Metin, Holosko

Trabzonspor: Jeferson, Tayfun, Tolga, Erdinç, Celaleddin, Hüseyin, Serkan, Ayman, Ceyhun, Gökdeniz, Umut

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Sansa Clip

Has anyone checked out the new Sansa Clip?

Why anyone would buy an Ipod Shuffle over this, I don't know.

The MP3 Clip is from SanDisk. It comes as either a 1GB ($40) or 2GB ($60).

It's substantially cheaper that the Shuffle, almost half the price.

However, if you want a major tip, go with the Sony Mp3 players that are the size of cigarette lighter and half the price of the Sansa. That's what lalate uses and loves them. They are so light that they fit in any pocket effortless and the headphones are shockingly strong.


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George Gershwin

Gershwin, George [né Jacob Gershvin] (1898–1937), composer. One of the greatest and most original of Broadway songwriters, he was born in Brooklyn to a poor immigrant family. Young George's love of music came early on and was helped by his friendship with his classmate, violinist Max Rosen. When the Gershwins purchased a piano for his older brother, Ira Gershwin, it was George, then twelve, who monopolized it. At fourteen he began lessons with a key figure in his musical life, Charles Hambitzer, a composer and pianist of broad, advanced musical tastes. From Hambitzer, Gershwin received a thorough classical training, but he was also aware of the native musical upheaval around him (particularly the work of Jerome Kern). Gershwin achieved recognition after Al Jolson sang “Swanee” in Sinbad in 1919. That same year he composed his first score, for La La Lucille. From 1920 to 1924 he created scores for George White's Scandals, including such hit songs as “I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise” (1922) and “Somebody Loves Me” (1924). From late 1924 on he worked almost exclusively with Ira. Their first hit was Lady, Be Good! (1924), a show that marked a turning point in American musical comedy; its jazz‐based melodies, harmonies, and rhythms set a new standard and allowed musical comedy to be clearly distinguished from operetta, which retained allegiances to European mannerisms. Gershwin's melodic lines tended to be angular and aggressive, as exemplified by the show's “Fascinating Rhythm” and title song but could on occasion be soft, sentimental, almost wailing, as in “So Am I,” suggesting that his Jewish background as well as black sources influenced his composition. A succession of hits and near misses followed: Tell Me More! (1925), Tip‐Toes (1925), Song of the Flame (1925), Oh, Kay! (1926), Funny Face (1927), Rosalie (1928), Treasure Girl (1928), Show Girl (1929), Strike Up the Band (1930), Girl Crazy (1930), Of Thee I Sing (1931), Pardon My English (1933), and Let 'Em Eat Cake (1933). From early in his career Gershwin had been interested in more serious composition, writing numerous concert pieces that remain popular today. Even his political musicals can be seen as a step away from traditional material. In 1935 he attempted a folk opera, Porgy and Bess. The initial reception was mixed and public response lukewarm, but the musical's popularity has grown with time and may well prove his most durable work. Decades after his death Gershwin had two Broadway hits (based on earlier shows): My One and Only (1983) and Crazy for You (1992), and his music was featured in George Gershwin Alone (2001). Biography: Gershwin: A Biography, Edward Jablonsky, 1987.

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hurricane noel

Hurricane Noel a Possibility

Tropical Storm Noel has dumped up to twenty inches of rain on Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This has resulted in widespread flooding. The storm lost strength while passing over Hispaniola but forecasters say that it could build into a hurricane when it tracks back over the warm Atlantic Ocean waters today.

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michael john anderson

Craigslist Helped Micheal Anderson Kill Katherine Olson!

Well, I hate doing an update story on a story that is directly beneath the update, but Michael John Anderson, 19, is accused of shooting Katherine Ann Olson in the back at his home in suburban Savage. Police believe Olson was killed in Anderson's house sometime after she arrived Thursday morning. Investigators found blood splatters in the man's bedroom and on his mattress, as well as bloody drag marks down the stairs of the home during an initial search at 10:20 p.m. Friday. They also found bloodstains on a pair of his shoes and a .357 Magnum and a shell casing from the gun in Anderson's room. Anderson admitted he was present during Olson's slaying but said the killing was committed by a friend of his who "thought it would be funny," according to the complaint.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

İşte yaşayan 100 dâhi

Suudi terörist Usame Bin Ladin ile boksör Muhammed Ali de listeye girdi..

İngiliz danışmanlık firması Creators Syntectics, "yeni yaklaşımlarla ezber bozma, entelektüel güç, halk tarafından beğenilme, insanlık yararına işler yapma ve kültürel önem" gibi ölçütlere göre dünyanın "yaşayan 100 dahî"sini belirledi.
Yenilikçilik ve yaratıcılık alanında 6 uzmanın hazırladığı dahiler listesi, yaklaşık 4 bin "sıradan" İngiliz'e sorularak yapıldı. Dehanın, "insan yaşamına klasikleşmiş düşünce sistemini baş aşağı çevirerek, yeni bir yaklaşımla, oluşturduğu yeni modellerle katkıda bulunmak" diye tarif edildiği araştırmada internetin mucidi İngiliz Sir Tim Berners-Lee ile LSD'nin mucidi İsviçreli kimyacı Albert Hoffman dahiler sıralamasında ilk sırayı paylaştı.


1. Albert Hoffman (İsviçre, kimyacı)
1. Tim Berners-Lee (İngiliz, internetin mucidi)
3. George Soros (ABD, yatırımcı)
4. Matt Groening (ABD, hiciv yazarı)
5. Nelson Mandela (Güney Afrika, politikacı)
5. Frederick Sanger (İngiliz, kimyacı)
7. Dario Fo (İtalyan, oyun yazarı)
7. Steven Hawking (İngiliz, fizikçi)
9. Oscar Niemeyer (Brezilya, mimar)
9. Philip Glass (ABD, besteci)
9. Grigory Perelman (Rus, matematikçi)
12. Andrew Wiles (İngiliz, matematikçi)
12. Li Hongzhi (Çin, dini lider)
12. Ali Javan (İran, mühendis)
15. Brian Eno (İngiliz, besteci)
15. Damian Hirst (İngiliz, sanatçı)
15. Daniel Tammet (İngiliz, fikir adamı ve dil uzmanı)
18. Nicholson Baker (ABD, yazar)
19. Daniel Barenboim (müzisyen)
20. Robert Crumb (ABD, sanatçı)
20. Richard Dawkins (İngiliz, biyolog ve felsefeci)
20. Larry Page ve Sergey Brin (ABD, yayıncı)
20. Rupert Murdoch (ABD, yayıncı)
20. Geoffrey Hill (İngiliz, şair)
25. Garry Kasparov (Rus, satrançcı)
26. The Dalai Lama (Tibet, dini lider)
26. Steven Spielberg (ABD, film yapımcısı)
26. Hiroshi Ishiguro (Japon, robot endüstrisi)
26. Robert Edwards (İngiliz, tüp bebek öncüsü)
26. Seamus Heaney (İrlandalı, şair)
31. Harold Pinter (İngiliz, yazar ve dramatolog)
32. Flossie Wong-Staal (Çin, bio teknolog)
32. Bobby Fischer (ABD, satrançcı)
32. Prince (ABD, müzisyen)
32. Henrik Gorecki (Polonya, besteci)
32. Avram Noam Chomski (ABD, filozof, dil uzmanı)
32. Sebastian Thrun (Alman, robot endüstrisi)
32. Nima Arkani Hamed (Kanada, fizikçi)
32. Margaret Turnbull (ABD, astrobiyolog)
40. Elaine Pagels (ABD, tarihçi)
40. Enrique Ostrea (Filipinler, pediyatri ve neonatal tıp)
40. Gary Becker (ABD, ekonomist)
43. Muhammed Ali (ABD, boksör)
43. Usame bin Ladin (Suudi Arabistan, terörist)
43. Bill Gates (ABD, işadamı)
43. Philip Roth (ABD, yazar)
43. James West (ABD, elektrikli mikrofonun mucidi)
43. Tuan Vo-Dinh (Vietnam, biyotıp uzmanı)
49. Brian Wilson (ABD, müzisyen)
49. Stevie Wonder (ABD, şarkıcı ve söz yazarı)
49. Vint Cerf (ABD, bilgisayarcı)
49. Henry Kissinger (ABD, diplomat ve siyasetçi)
49. Richard Branson (İngiliz, yayıncı)
49. Pardis Sabeti (İran, biyolog ve antropolog)
49. Jon de Mol (Hollanda, televizyoncu)
49. Meryl Streep (ABD, aktris)
49. Margaret Attwood (Kanada, yazar)
58. Placido Domingo (İspanya, şarkıcı)
58. John Lasseter (ABD, dijital animasyon öncüsü)
58. Shunpei Yamazaki (Japon, bilgisayarcı)
58. Jane Goodall (İngiliz, antropolog)
58. Kirti Narayan Chaudhuri (Hindistan, tarihçi)
58. John Goto (İngiliz, fotoğrafçı)
58. Paul McCartney (İngiliz, müzisyen)
58. Stephen King (ABD, yazar)
58. Leonard Cohen (ABD, şair ve müzisyen)
67. Aretha Franklin (ABD, müzisyen)
67. David Bowie (İngiliz, müzisyen)
67. Emily Oster (ABD, ekonomist)
67. Steve Wozniak (ABD, mühendis; Apple'ın kurucularından)
67. Martin Cooper (ABD, cep telefonu mucidi)
72. George Lucas (ABD, filmci)
72. Niles Rogers (ABD, müzisyen)
72. Hans Zimmer (Alman, besteci)
72. John Williams (ABD, besteci)
72. Annette Baier (Yeni Zelanda, filozof)
72. Dorothy Rowe (İngiliz, psikolog)
72. Ivan Marchuk (Ukrayna, heykeltraş)
72. Robin Escovado (ABD, besteci)
72. Mark Dean (ABD, bilgisayar uzmanı)
72. Rick Rubin (ABD, müzisyen ve yapımcı)
72. Stan Lee (ABD, yayıncı)
83. David Warren (Avustralya, mühendis)
83. Jon Fosse (Norveç, yazar)
83. Gjertrud Schnackenberg (ABD, şair)
83. Graham Linehan (İrlanda, yazar)
83. JK Rowling (İngiliz, yazar)
83. Ken Russell (İngiliz, film yapımcısı)
83. Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov (Rus, hafif silah tasarımcısı)
83. Erich Jarvis (ABD, nörobiyolog)
91. Chad Varah (İngiliz, mağaza zinciri sahibi)
91. Nicolas Hayek (İsviçre, Swatch'ın kurucusu işadamı)
91. Alastair Hannay (İngiliz, filozof)
94. Patricia Bath (ABD, oftalmolog)
94. Thomas A. Jackson (ABD, havacılık mühendisi)
94. Dolly Parton (ABD, şarkıcı)
94. Morissey (İngiliz, şarkıcı)
94. Michael Eavis (İngiliz, Glastonbury müzik festivali organizatörü)
94. Ranulph Fiennes (İngiliz, maceracı)
100. Quentin Tarantino (ABD, film yapımcısı ve yönetmen)

Listede aynı numarayla anılan 'dahiler' ankette aynı puanı aldılar.


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Sevdim SEni

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Web sayfasında çocuklara yönelik: masallar, öyküler, eğlendirici ve bilgilendirici oyunlar, e-kartlar, bilim köşesi ve ayrıca aileler, eğitimciler için bilgiler bulunuyor.

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Bilgi Edu Tr

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Harry Potter ve Ölüm Yadigarları

J. K. Rowling'in yazdığı Harry Potter serisinin yedinci ve son kitabı olan “Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows” İngiltere'den Çin'e dünyanın dört bir yanındaki kitabevlerinde raflardaki yerini aldı bile. 21 Temmuz tarihinde yayınlanan serinin son kitabı, İngiltere baskısında 608 sayfa, Amerikan baskısında 759 sayfa olarak basıldı. Bir ay boyunca en çok satanlar listesinin zirvesinde kaldı.Kitap ilk 24 saatte ise 11 milyon sattı. Oysa Harry Potter serisinin 6. kitabı “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince”, ABD’de piyasaya çıktığı ilk 24 saatte 6,9 milyon adet satmış ve bugüne kadar en hızlı satılan kitap olmuştu. Yazar J. K. Rowling, kitabın tanıtımını İngiltere'deki Ulusal Tarih Müzesi'nde yapmıştı. Amerikan basımının kitap kapağını yine Mary GrandPré hazırladı.

Türkiye’de çevirisi, önce “Ölümcül Takdis” olarak yayılmıştı; fakat yapılan açıklamadan sonra kitabın Türkçe adı “Harry Potter ve Ölüm Yadigarları” olarak belirlendi. Kitabın Türkiye’de yayın tarihi ise “9 Ekim” olarak açıklandı. Serinin bu son hikayesi, önceki kitapları gibi dünyada İngilizce’den sonra yayımlanan ilk çevirilerden biri olacak ve Yapı kredi yayınları tarafından yayınlanacak kitap 608 sayfa ve Sevin Okyay ve Kutlukhan Kutluk tarafından dilimize çevrildi. Yapı Kredi Yayınları ilk baskıyı 100 bin adet olarak planladı.

Kitabın Diğer Ülkelerde Adı:

Bulgaristan: Хари Потър и Смъртоносните светии

Brezilya: Harry Potter e as Relíquias Mortais

Danimarka: Harry Potter og de Dødelige Hyl

Estonya: Harry Potter ja surmapühakud

Fransa: Harry Potter et les Saints Mortuaries

İngiltere: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

İtalya: Harry Potter e il rito mortale

İzlanda: Harry Potter og Fönixreglan

İspanyolca: Harry Potter y os santos mortales

Katalan: Harry Potter i les relíquies mortals

Litvanya: Haris Poteris ir pražütingos relikvijos

Macaristan: Harry Potter és a halálos szentek

Portekiz: Harry Potter e os Santos Mortíferos

Romanya: Harry Potter si Sfintii Muritori

Rusya: Harry Potter i Smertonosnie Relikvii

Türkiye : Harry Potter ve Ölüm Yadigarları

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Üniversiteye hazırlık dergisi.

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cat schwartz,robert chambers,jennifer ringley,shuttle launch

cat schwartz
robert chambers
jennifer ringley
shuttle launch
la jolla indian reservation
jennifer levin
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county of san diego
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villain max zorin appears in what bond movie
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friendly house
jacksonville newspaper
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california fires map
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october 23
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california wildfires
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oink shut down
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cracked clavicle
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carlsbad ca
aswan dam
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new orleans flooding
san diego fire map
mole day
california news
adam duritz
heroes season 2 episode 5
flex fuel
justa grata honoria
temecula news
judson ahrens
the river 105.9
the ultimate gift
dh smith
greek mathematician
nasa shuttle
nasa aqua satellite
dyncorp international
fallbrook fire
chula vista

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Boğaz'da Cumhuriyet coşkusu

Cumhuriyet'in kuruluşunun 84. yılı kutlamaları çerçevesinde İstanbul Boğazı'nda dev bir şölen düzenlendi. Saat 19.00'da başlayan şölende önce ışık ve lazer gösterileri ardından 16 ayrı noktada 15 dakikalık müzikli havai fişek gösterisi yapıldı.
Cumhuriyet'in kuruluşunun 84. yılı İstanbul'da coşku ile kutlandı. Sabah saatlerinde Vatan Caddesi'nde geçit töreni yapıldıktan sonra akşam saat 19.00'dan itibaren İstanbul Boğazı'nda önce ışık ve lazer gösterileri yapıldı. Bu gösterilerin ardından 250 tekne boğazda fener alayına katıldı. Gösteri başlamadan önce konuşma yapan İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediye (İBB) Başkanı Kadir Topbaş, "Alparslan'dan Fatih'e; ondan Atatürk'e ve günümüze kadar bu vatan uğruna canını vermiş bütün şehitlerimizi şükranla anıyoruz" dedi. "Tek yürek, tek yumruk, tek vatan olarak bütün dünyaya sesimizi duyuruyoruz" diyen Topbaş, "Bu sevgi ve coşkuyu Cumhuriyet'imizin 84. yılında İstanbul'daki etkinliğimiz ile bütün dünyaya haykırıyoruz. Bu güzellik hepimize hayırlı olsun" şeklinde konuştu.

İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi tarafından düzenlenen gösterilerin belediyeye maliyetinin 2 milyon 250 bin YTL olduğu bildirildi. Şölen, Sidney yılbaşı kutlamalarını tasarlayan firma tarafından gerçekleştirildi. Gösterilerde 40 binden fazla ekipman kullanıldığı öğrenildi. Vatandaşların gösterileri rahatlıkla izleyebilmesi için Ortaköy Sahili, Beşiktaş Sahili, Dolmabahçe Sahili, Kabataş Sahili ve Üsküdar (Paşalimanı, Kuzguncuk, Salacak ve Vapur İskelesi) Sahili'ne İETT ücretsiz otobüs seferleri düzenlendi.

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Enrique Iglesias Türkiye’ye geliyor

Latin müziğinin popüler şarkıcısı Enrique Iglesias, son albümü "Insomniac"ın dünya turnesi kapsamında konser vermek üzere Türkiye'ye geliyor.

Albüm tanıtımı nedeniyle, 3 Kasım'da İstanbul'a gelecek olan Iglesias, Türk izleyicisinin karşısına çıkacağı için büyük heyecan duyduğunu belirtiyor.

Abdi İpekçi Arena'da vereceği konsere 80 kişilik ekibiyle birlikte gelecek olan Iglesias'ın, vejetaryen olması nedeniyle özel aşçısı ve garsonu da ekibin içinde yer alacak. Konser için ayrıca 24 saat doktor ve masöz hazır bulunacak.

Iglesias, dünya turnesi kapsamında, Portekiz, İsviçre, İrlanda, İngiltere, Belçika, Almanya, Hollanda, Danimarka, İsveç, Rusya ve Ukrayna'da da hayranları ile buluşacak. Turne, 7 Aralık'ta ABD'de sona erecek.


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Meslek liselinin katsayı engeli kalkıyor

ÖSS değişecek, YÖK yeniden yapılandırılacak..

Hükümetin 2008 yılı programında, üniversitelere giriş sınavının yeniden düzenleneceği ve "katsayı eşitsizliğinin" giderileceği bildirildi.
Programa göre, ortaöğretime ve üniversiteye giriş sistemi "okul başarısına dayalı ve müfredat programlarıyla uyumlu, okul dışı öğrenmeye ihtiyaç duymayacak" yapıya kavuşturulacak.
Yükseköğretime giriş sınavının uygulanma biçimiyle ilgili yeni yöntemler geliştirilecek. ÖSS'de tekrarlanan başvuruların azaltılması amacıyla üniversiteler ve programlar arasındaki geçişler, ÖSS puanı esas alınmak kaydıyla esnek hale getirilecek.
Meslek lisesi mezunlarının kendi alanlarında ya da yakın alanlarda devam edecekleri lisans programlarında "katsayı eşitsizliği" giderilecek.
Mevcut sistemde, imam hatip ve meslek lisesi öğrencilerine üniversiteye girişte farklı katsayı uygulanıyor.
Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı (MEB), YÖK ve üniversiteler yeniden yapılandırılacak. MEB, merkez teşkilatı, "politikaları belirleyen, araştırma ve planlama yapan, pilot uygulamalara öncülük eden ve denetleyen" kurum haline getirilecek. Talim ve Terbiye Kurulu, icrai görevlerinden arındırılarak asli görevlerine odaklanmasına yönelik düzenlemeler yapılacak. Bakanlık birimleri azaltılacak.

YÖK'e ayar
YÖK, "standart belirleme, koordinasyon, uzun dönemli planlama ve denetimden sorumlu" kuruluşa dönüştürülecek. YÖK'ün mevcut kurumsal kapasitesi, uzmanlığı esas alacak şekilde güçlendirilecek. Üniversitelerarası Kurul (ÜAK), en üst akademik organ olacak. Bu amaçla, 2547 sayılı Yükseköğretim Kanunu ile ilgili mevzuatta düzenleme yapılacak.
Üniversitelerin mali özerkliği için mevzuat değişikliği yapılacak. Üniversite yönetiminde merkeziyetçi yapının getirdiği sorunların giderilmesi amacıyla "mütevelli heyet" temelli yönetim yapısına geçilecek.
Heyet, üniversite-sanayi işbirliğinin geliştirilmesini, öğrencilerin yönetime oy hakkı ile aktif katılımını sağlayacak şekilde oluşturulacak. Vakıf üniversitelerine arsa tahsisi kolaylaştırılacak ve mali destekler artırılacak. Özel üniversite kurulmasına olanak sağlayacak mevzuat değişikliği yapılacak.

Katkı payı artırılacak
Öğrencilerden alınan katkı payları yükseltilecek. Yurt sayısı artırılacak. Üniversitelerde öğretim üyesi sayısı da artırılacak. Öğretim üyesi yetiştirmek üzere üniversiteler arasındaki işbirliği artırılacak. Öğretim üyelerinin özlük hakları iyileştirilecek.


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Erteleme açıklaması !

Federasyon, ertelenmesi gündeme gelen Beşiktaş-F.Bahçe derbisi hakkında son kararını verdi.

Fenerbahçe ve Beşiktaş derbisinin erteleneceğiyle ilgili haberler üzerine bir açıklama yapan Futbol Federasyonu, ertelemenen söz konusu olmadığını duyurdu.

Futbol Federasyonu'ndan yapılan açıklamada şu ifadelere yer verildi: "3 Kasım Cumartesi günü oynanacak olan Fenerbahçe-Beşiktaş derbisinin erteleneceği yolundaki haberlerle her iki kulübümüzün yönetici ve teknik adamlarının aynı yöndeki temennileri son günlerde medyada yer almaktadır. Hatta bazı gazetelerde, Beşiktaş ve Fenerbahçe kulüplerinin maçın ertelenmesi talebiyle Federasyonumuza müracaat ettiği haberleri yayınlanmıştır. Tarafımıza böyle bir müracaat yapılmadığı gibi, Federasyonumuz mücbir nedenler olmadıkça, Turkcell Süper Lig'deki hiç bir maçı tehir etmeyi planlamamaktadır. Turkcell Süper Lig'deki müsabakalar, daha önce açıklanan takvim gereği belirlenen gün ve saatte oynanacaktır."


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Fast Food firmaları alışkanlık yaptırıyor

Fast food firmalarının, ürettikleri yemeklerde aşırı tuz ve yağ kullanarak küçük çocukların "fast food" tüketimi alışkanlıklarını artırmak istediklerini anlatan Prof. Dr. Süleyman Türk, bu şekilde firmaların satışlarını artırmayı amaçladıklarını öne sürdü.

ZAMAN-Tuzun ciddi anlamda bağımlılık oluşturan bir madde olduğuna dikkat çeken Türk, aşırı tuzlu yiyeceklerin dildeki tuz tadını algılayan reseptörlerin çalışmasını engellediğini ve böylece tuzlu ve yağlı yiyeceklere olan isteği artırdığını söyledi.
Bir öğünlük fast food türü yiyeceğin içerdiği tuz miktarının, yetişkinler için tavsiye edilen günlük tuz miktarının 2 katına kadar çıkabildiğini belirten Prof. Dr. Süleyman Türk, yetişkinlerin günde 6 gramdan, 6 yaşından küçük çocukların ise 3 gramdan fazla tuz almasının sağlık açısından risk teşkil ettiğini belirtti.
Selçuk Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Nefroloji Ana Bilim Dalı öğretim üyesi Prof. Dr. Süleyman Türk, okul çağındaki çocuklarda fast food beslenmenin obeziteye zemin hazırladığını, obez olan çocukların ilerleyen sürede diabet ve hipertansiyon hastalıklarına yakalanmasına neden olduğunu anlattı.
Fast-food tarzı beslenmede kolalı içeceklerin de aşırı tüketiminin çocuklardaki ve gençlerdeki obezi artırdıını söyleyen Prof. Dr. Türk, "Kolada tatlandırıcı olarak kullanılan mısır şurubu diabet ve obezite riskini artırıyor" dedi.
Prof. Dr. Türk "fast food" türü beslenme sisteminin uygun ve hijyenik şartlarda yapılmamasının da enfeksiyon riskini arttırdığını belirtti. Türk, "Fast food türü yiyeceklerin sağlığa bu kadar olumsuz etkileri olduğu her türlü yayın organında anlatılırken tüm dünyada olduğu gibi ülkemizde de insanlar ya bu zararların farkına varmayarak ya da umursamamayı tercih ederek fast food alışkanlığını devam ettirmektedir. Maalesef çocuklar, gençler, eğitim kurumlarında bu zararlı ürünleri yaygın olarak tüketiyor. Türkiye Diyabet Vakfı ve Diyabet Yaşam Derneği'nce yapılan, 'Okul Çocuklarında Beslenme Sorunları' araştırmasına göre, İstanbul'daki okul kantinlerinin yüzde 97'sinde salata, yüzde 45'inde süt bulunmazken, buna karşın tamamında kola ve cips satılıyor. Kantinlerde satılan diğer yiyecekler arasında sosisli sandviç, tost, çikolata, hazır kek, şeker ve gazoz gibi içecek ve yiyecekler yer alıyor. Obezite Araştırma Derneği tarafından yapılan bir araştırmaya göre, 2025 yılında Türkiye nüfusunun yüzde 40'ı aşırı şişman olacak. Buna fazla kilolular da eklenirse nüfusun yüzde 70'inin şişman olması öngörülüyor" dedi.
Okul kantinlerinde ucuz ve kalitesiz gıda tüketiminin çok yoğun olduğunu belirten Prof. Dr. Türk, özellikle okullarda hazır gıda ve "fast food" türü besinlerin tüketimiyle ilgili kısıtlamalar getirilmesi gerektiğini sözlerine ekledi.

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Avrasya maratonu rekoru

avrasya maratonu

Avrasya Maratonu ilklere sahne oldu. 100 bin kişi Türk bayraklarıyla koştu, 1 milyon dolar ödül dağıtıldı, Kenyalı Cheruiyot parkur rekoru kırdı.

Kenyalı ambargosu
İstanbul’da koşulan 29. Kıtalararası Avrasya Maratonu’ndan rekor çıktı. Toplam 1 milyon dolarlık maratonu erkeklerde Kenyalı atlet David Emanuel Cheruiyot rekor kırarak kazandı. Kenyalı atlet Cheruiyot, geçen yıl 2.12.52’lik derece yaparak rekoru kıran Litvanyalı Mindaguas Pukstas’ın derecesini geride bırakarak 2.10.56’lık derecesiyle yeni parkur rekoruna imza attı. Maratonda ikincilik Kenyalı Mark Windot Yatich, (2.11.02), üçüncülük de Etyopyalı Tariku Jufar’ın (2.11.04) oldu.

Kupa Bahar Doğan’ın
Bayanlarda ise Etyopyalı Bayisa Alseda Tesema, 2.29.05 ile ilk sırayı alırken, Polonyalı Malgorzata Sobanska ikinci (2.31.08), Rus Olga Glok da üçüncü (2.31.10) oldular. Sporcularımız arasında en iyi dereceyi erkeklerde Abdil Ceylan (20.), bayanlarda da Bahar Doğan (6.) elde etti. 15 kilometrelik koşuyu ise erkeklerde Etiyopyalı Girma (43.20), bayanlarda Rumen Talpos (48.42) kazandı. Balkan Kupası’nda da bayanlarda Bahar Doğan (2.37.28), erkeklerde Moldovalı Musinschi (2.11.57) birinci oldular.

Terör örgütüne protesto
100 bin kişinin katıldığı Halk Koşusu öncesi 10. Yıl Marşı çalındı ve şehitler için 1 dakikalık saygı duruşunda bulunuldu. Ellerinde Türk bayrağıyla koşan katılımcılar sık sık sloganlar atarak terör örgütü PKK’yı protesto etti. Halk koşusuna katılanların bazıları, yanlarında getirdikleri yiyeceklerle köprüde kahvaltı yaparken, satranç oynayanlar, gitar çalıp şarkı söyleyenler, köprü manzarasında romantik anlar yaşayanlar dikkat çekti.


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Porter Wagoner

I know. My posts are all over the place today. What can I say? I'm under the influence of cough drops and hot sauce and Ricky Gervais (he is so incredibly cute and huggable!)

I just watched Da Ali G show and boy, was it worth it. Borat interviewing Porter Wagoner. Priceless. Helping him write a song about his first wife who was killed in a field because the hunter thought she was a bear, then a song about his sister who is top prostitute. Rated number one by chamber of commerce for mouth sex.

"Well, that's a skill, too."


How in the hell is Sacha Baron Cohen still alive? Singing "Throw the Jew Down the Well" in a C&W bar. Ohmygawd.

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West Ham 3-1 Sunderland

An own goal by Craig Gordon and a final minute strike from Craig Bellamy saw Sunderland slump to a third successive Premiership defeat against West Ham United on Sunday.

West Ham taken an early lead through Carlton Cole but Sunderland equalized six minutes into the second half with a thumping header from Kenwyne Jones. Sunderland looked set for a well deserved point when a goalkeeping error by Gordon saw the ball strike the post before rebounding into the net through his boot before Bellamy put the result beyond doubt with a goal in the final minute of the match.

Sunderland started the match strongly and could have taken the lead in the first minute of the match as Jones rose high to meet Ross Wallace's cross but saw his header fly just high of the cross bar. However it was West Ham who took the lead in the ninth minute when Cole headed home George McCartney's cross to score his first goal of the season.

With Sunderland unable to create any chances, it was West Ham all the way as Matt Etherington and Lee Bowyer went close to doubling the lead in the first half. However the visitors grabbed the equalizer in the 52nd minute when Jones was the first to reach Grant Leadbitter's corner to head home the ball.

But West Ham retook the lead 12 minutes before full time when Gordon dived to save Solano's effort but saw it crash against the post before striking his outstretched boot to roll back into the net. Though Sunderland tried to push foward for a late equalizer, Bellamy put the match beyond doubt when he headed home Luis Boa Morte's cross to score the third goal for West Ham.

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Middlesbrough 0-2 Chelsea

Chelsea continued to put their Premiership season back on track with a second successive victory over Middlesbrough in their Premiership match on Saturday.

Didier Drogba put behind an uncomfortable week to put Chelsea in an early lead in the 8th minute before defender Alex doubled the lead in the 57th minute to provide Chelsea with a comfortable victory over struggling Middlesbrough at Riverside stadium.

Drogba put behind the controversy of his interview with a French magazine with a brilliantly executed goal in the 8th minute as he played a delightful one-two with Frank Lampard to slot home the ball from inside the area.

It was Chelsea all the way as Boro struggled to deal with the waves of attacks from the visitors with Drogba once again going close to scoring with a free kick that curled into the side netting. Boro's first chance of the match fell to Mido but the Egyptian striker managed to head the ball straight into the arms of Cech who caught the ball in the second attempt.

Mido had another chance of snatching an equalizer two minutes into the second half but his glancing header was once again saved in style by Cech. Chelsea put the result beyond doubt 12 minutes into the second half when Lampard passed the ball to Alex from a free kick who smashed a stinging drive past Mark Schwarzer to double the lead for Chelsea.

Boro were unable to get back in the game as it was Chelsea who looked more likely of the two to get a goal with Lampard and Kalou going close to scoring with set pieces. Gary O'Neil had one last chance of grabbing one goal back but was unable to hit the target, leaving Chelsea with their second victory in as many games.

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FREE Live online - Liverpool v Arsenal - Live English Premier(premiership) League match - Online sopcast + TVU streaming

Liverpool - Arsenal: Player Ratings

Goal.com rates the performances of the unbeaten Liverpool an Arsenal players after their compelling, high-quality Premier League draw at Anfield, where Cesc Fabregas again underlined his class, and Steven Gerrard was back to his influential best...

zoom - galleria LIVERPOOL

Pepe Reina - 6.5: Despite Arsenal's domination of territory and possession, Reina did not have too many outright saves to make, though he showed speed of thought and anticipation to deny Adebayor in the first-half. Beaten at the near-post for Arsenal's goal, which is usually regarded as a cardinal sin among keepers, but he shouldn't beat himself up over that because it was speed of thought from Fabregas that undid him.

Steve Finnan - 6: With Clichy and Rosicky to contend with on his station it was never going to be an easy afternoon but the Republic of Ireland international stuck manfully to his task throughout.

Sami Hyypia - 6.5: The Finn was expected to be exposed for pace and it was not his most comfortable game, but he was not embarrassed, and his best moment came when Reina was beaten by Rosicky's lob and Hyypia was in the right place to clear the ball off the line.

Jamie Carragher - 7.5: He was voted man-of-the-match on Sky Sports, so clearly he put in a strong performance, though there were others on the pitch whose contribution was more influential. But with Carragher you know exactly what you are going to get: non-stop effort and commitment and the willingness to die for the Reds' cause. Today he did not disappoint on any of those criteria.

John Arne Riise - 6: A lot of Arsenal's most threatening moves were launched along their right flank and defensively the Norwegian - surprisingly linked with a possible Anfield exit according to some sources - was frequently stretched. He is always a potential threat going forward though, and his volley from the edge of the penalty area that landed on the roof of the net was further evidence of that.

Javier Mascherano - 8: The Argentine was a nagging presence in midfield as far as Arsenal were concerned, harrying them whenever he could, snapping into tackles and working hard to protect the back four.

Xabi Alonso - 7.5: It was a blow to Liverpool that the Spaniard with his perceptive passing injured his foot and had to be replaced on 68 minutes by Arbeloa. His contribution to that point had been important because he didn't waste possession too often. Having just returned from a broken metatarsal injury, the fear is he aggravated the same problem.

Steven Gerrard - 8.5: There has been criticism that Gerrard has been off his game in recent weeks, and the Liverpool skipper clearly had a point to prove against Arsenal. He was the heart-beat and the driving force behind the Reds' performance, winning crucial tackles, covering ground relentlessly, posing the most potent goal threat to the Gunners and giving his side the invaluable cushion of an early goal with a magnificent drive from a free-kick. Led by example in typical fashion.

Andriy Voronin - 5.5: Rafa Benitez opted for a three-pronged strike-force but it proved ineffective, partly because Torres was not fit bur mainly because Arsenal's domination of possession left he strikers isolated. Voronin probed and toiled, but made little impact on the match.

Fernando Torres - 5: Ironically, the famous Benitez rotation policy saw Torres not omitted but brought back - but the Spaniard was clearly not fully fit following his thigh muscle injury, which forced him off again at half-time. He struggled to make any impression before being withdrawn - apart from playing the ball back to Alonso who was fouled by Fabregas for the free-kick from which Gerard scored.

Dirk Kuyt - 6.5: The Dutchman was his usual energetic and willing self, but rarely produced much of a goal threat though he never let Arsenal's defenders relax when Liverpool got forward.


Peter Crouch (46') - 7: He made a difference to Liverpool when he came on, giving them a different attacking option, testing Almunia and setting up Gerrard for what was nearly a late winner.

Yossi Benayoun (65') - 5.5: Replaced Voronin but had little impact.

Alvaro Arbeloa (68'): - 6: Replaced the injured Alonso and did little wrong - or right.


Manuel Almunia - 7: Jens Lehmann will be kicking his heels and grumbling for some time yet because Almunia, who stood no chance with Gerrard's explosive free-kick, produced two or three crucial saves. Alert and athletic when called upon.

Bacary Sagna - 6.5: The Frenchman has slotted seamlessly into the Arsenal set up and was again competent and composed at Anfield.

William Gallas - 8: Arsenal did well without him when he was injured, but there is no doubt he adds leadership and experience when he is in the team. Gallas was influential at both ends of the pitch, getting forward to join the attack as Arsenal searched for an equaliser and then a winner, but having defended well throughout he produced a superb blocking tackle to thwart Gerrard at the death.

Kolo Toure - 7.5: Athletic, tireless and committed, Toure is a rock at the back and his presence is central to Arsenal's game. His reading of the game was again important as the defence ensured they did not fall further behind.

Gael Clichy - 7: Quietly effective with timely tackles and tidy distribution. Ashley Cole has never been missed since his acrimonious departure, testament to Clichy's maturity and technical prowess.

Emmanuel Eboue - 6.5: Effective in forward runs down the right wing, and was unlucky when he cut and shot only to see the effort cannon off the foot of the post. But Eboue needs to curb the temperamental side of his game.

Mathieu Flamini - 7: Provided the midfield bite and ball-winning that enabled the others to play. Probably the most improved player in the Arsenal squad, Flamini has made the defensive midfield role his own.

Cesc Fabregas - 9: The young Catalan was hugely influential for the Gunners, and on another day he could have had a hat-trick. Squandered a glorious chance when Eboue's effort flew out to him off the post, then was unlucky to see a deft side-footed shot for distance smack the post. But in-between his astute run from midfield put him in position to poke home Arsenal's equaliser for his tenth goal of the season. He was the creative brains as the visitors bossed possession.

Tomas Rosicky - 7.5: The Czech was part of Arsenal's holy trinity in midfield - a triangle working the ball between them to push the Gunners forward.

Alexander Hleb - 8: The third member of the trinity, along with Rosicky and Fabregas, Hleb's dancing feet helped Arsenal keep possession, and his licence to roam kept Liverpool on their toes. Had the skill to wait and wait, shrugging off tackles, before releasing the ball into the path of Fabregas for the equaliser.

Emmanuel Adebayor - 5.5: Typically tireless, but had a relatively quiet game as Arsenal's lone striker, with few clear-cut opportunities coming his way.


Theo Walcott (66') - 6: Came on for Rosicky but was unable to make the sort of impact he had against Slavia Prague.

Gilberto Silva (74') - 6: Replaced Clichy. One misplaced pass bit otherwise solid.

Nicklas Bendtner (74') - 5.5: His inexperience betrayed him when he lofted the ball over as it came back to him off the post. That could have been the winner for Arsenal.

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Tottenham 1 Blackburn 2

FULL-TIME The full-time whistle goes with Blackburn 2-1 winners.

90 - GOAL Samba curls a stunning shot into the top corner to put Blackburn ahead.

90 - Caution Lee is booked for a foul on Derrbyshire.

89 - Substitution Defoe has been given one minute to work his magic as he comes on for Berbatov.

88 - One-way traffic Spurs have retreated deep into their own half and Blackburn look the likeliest winners.

85 - Wasteful Pedersen Blackburn win a free-kick in a dangerous position but Pedersen smashes his effort high over the crossbar.

83 - Substitution Derbyshire comes on for Dunn as both teams opt for attacking formations in the closing stages.

82 - Cautions Zokora and Santa Cruz are booked for their part in the melee, while Dawson seems to have shaken off the injury.

81 - Fisticuffs Players from both teams confront each other after a challenge from Pedersen on Dawson.

78 - Impressive Ooijer Huddlestone sends a terrific cross into the far post but Ooijer stays cool and clips the ball away to safety.

77 - Substitution Allen makes his first change as he brings on Bent for Malbranque.

76 - Fantastic Friedel Keane latches onto a pass from Zokora but Friedel is quckly off his line to smother the shot.

74 - Good defence Ooijer does well to race across and tackle Keane.

71 - Caution McCarthy gets booked for a foul on Kaboul.

70 - Lennon lacking sparkle Apart from winning the penalty Lennon has had a quiet game, and he loses possession again in a promising position.

68 - Poor effort Huddlestone attempts an ambitious volley from distance but his effort trickes wide.

65 - Faultless Friedel Friedel pulls off another fine save to keep out Berbatov's header.

61 - GOAL McCarthy equalises for Blackburn with the help of a big deflection off Dawson.

60 - Substitution Hughes decides to bring Pedersen on for Tugay, who has had a quiet afternoon in midfield.

57 - Rovers respond Rovers have been on the back foot since half-time but now appear to have regained a foothold in the game as they come forward through Santa Cruz.

55 - In good voice The Spurs fans are in terrific voice, partly because of the scoreline here and partly because Liverpool are leading Arsenal 1-0 at Anfield.

53 - Friedel save Lee latches onto a clever flick from Berbatov and forces a fantastic save from Friedel.

51 - Brilliant pass Huddlestone is starting to pull the strings in the Spurs midfield and releases Berbatov with a sensational long pass. The Bulgarian fails to make the most of the chance.

49 - GOAL Keane steps up and powers his penalty into the roof of the net to put Spurs 1-0 ahead.

49 - Penalty Lennon is brought down by Warnock and Rob Styles has no hesitation in pointing to the spot.

48 - Blackburn under the cosh Spurs have started the second half strongly, clearly determined to go all out for three points.

Back underway Blackburn get the second half started. There have been no further changes from either side at the break.

HALF-TIME The whistle goes for half-time with the score still goalless. Both sides have played with adventure and carved out chances, so Juande Ramos will be encouraged by what he has seen.

45 - Substitution Savage cannot continue and is replaced by Mokoena on the stroke of half-time.

43 - Relief for Savage The Welshman goes off temporarily for treatment before returning to the pitch.

42 - Savage blow Savage goes down clutching his knee after a collision with Keane.

40 - No luck for Bentley Bentley bamboozles Lee and Zokora to win a corner for Blackburn, but a foul in the box presents Spurs with a free-kick.

36 - No nonsense Malbranque whips in a seemingly dangerous corner but Friedel meets the ball with a punch so hard that almost produces a counter-attack for Rovers.

34 - Berbatov off form Keane plays in Berbatov with a clever pass but the Bulgarian has not found his best form yet today and shoots wide.

30 - Routine save Santa Cruz makes room for himself on the edge of the area but fires a weak shot straight at Cerny.

28 - Solid at the back Blackburn are defending impressively but Spurs are enjoying a sustained period of pressure.

25 - Berbatov scare Berbatov loses his balance and crashes over the advertising hoarding, before returning gingerly to the pitch.

22 - Friedel to the rescue again Keane comes from deep and powers a header towards goal, but Friedel pulls off another stunning save.

21 - Friedel to the rescue Friedel rushes off his line to make a superb save from Lennon as Spurs wrestle back control in an enthralling match.

19 - Chance for Dawson Dawson escapes from Santa Cruz but attempts an extravagant flick that poses no threat to Friedel whatsoever.

17 - Samba clearance Lennon outpaces Warnock and whips in a dangerous cross, but Samba stays alert and clears for a corner.

15 - Rovers in control Blackburn may have started slowly but they have found their rhythm now and look sharp in possession.

11 - Chance for Rovers Bentley skips past Lee again but sends his shot wide of Cerny's right-hand post.

9 - Wasteful Bentley Bentley takes on Lee down the right but his cross goes straight out of play.

6 - Tottenham on top Spurs are dominating possession and there is an appeal for handball against Ooijer as Lennon cuts a cross in from the right.

4 - Deflected wide Malbranque has the first shot of the match but Savage is quick to close him down and the ball squirts wide for a corner.

2 - Early scare Tottenham's defence looks hesitant as Dunn attempts to slide a pass through to Santa Cruz.

Kick-off Tottenham kick-off a new era looking to climb out of the bottom three.

Blackburn Friedel, Emerton, Samba, Ooijer, Warnock, Bentley, Savage, Kerimoglu, Dunn, Santa Cruz, McCarthy. Subs: Brown, Nelsen, Pedersen, Mokoena, Derbyshire

Tottenham Cerny, Chimbonda, Dawson, Kaboul, Lee, Lennon, Huddlestone, Zokora, Malbranque, Berbatov, Keane. Subs: Alnwick, Tainio, Stalteri, Defoe, Bent.

Nelsen on bench for Blackburn Ryan Nelsen is on the bench for Rovers after recovering from a hamstring problem. Roque Santa Cruz and Benni McCarthy start up front.

Keane gets nod for Spurs Michael Dawson comes in for the injured Anthony Gardner, while Robbie Keane is preferred to Jermain Defoe as Dimitar Berbatov's strike partner. Clive Allen is in charge of team affairs for today, although newly appointed Juande Ramos is in attendance.

Welcome Welcome to skysports.com's minute-by-minute commentary of Tottenham's Premier League clash against Blackburn. Spurs will be determined to make a winning start to life after Martin Jol, but they have a tough test against a Blackburn side that has only been beaten once in the league this season.



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Guitar Hero 3 - Devil Went Down to Georgia Battle !!! VIDEO

Guitar Hero 3


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Why Dubya's Veto of the SCHIP-Bill (Children's Health Insurance) Outdid the Legislative Houses


Video: House vote to override SCHIP veto falls short
(please enable pop-ups)

WASHINGTON -- House Democrats were unable Thursday to override President Bush's veto of their pre-election year effort to expand a popular government health insurance program to cover 10 million children.

The bill had bipartisan support but the 273-156 roll call was 13 votes short of the two-thirds that majority supporters needed to enact the bill into law over Bush's objections. The bill had passed the Senate with a veto-proof margin.

The State Children's Health Insurance Program now subsidizes health care insurance coverage for about 6 million children at a cost of about $5 billion a year. The vetoed bill would have added 4 million more children, most of them from low-income families, to the program at an added cost of $7 billion annually.

To pay for the increase, the bill would have raised the federal tax on cigarettes from 39 cents to $1.00 a pack.

"This is not about an issue. It's about a value," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said just before the vote. "For the cost of less than 40 days in Iraq, we can provide SCHIP coverage for 10 million children for one year."

Forty-four Republicans voted to override Bush's veto — one fewer than GOP members who voted Sept. 25 to pass the bill. Only two Democrats voted to sustain Bush's veto compared with six who had voted against the bill.

"We won this round on SCHIP," White House press secretary Dana Perino said after the vote. She said a million-dollar lobbying campaign by several labor unions and advocacy groups to turn enough Republican votes for a successful override "didn't work."

Bush, anticipating that his veto would stand, has assigned three top advisers to try to negotiate a new deal with Congress.

Republican opponents said the bill would encourage too many middle-income families to substitute government-subsidized insurance for their private insurance. The bill gives states financial incentives to cover families with incomes up to three times the federal poverty level — $61,950 for a family of four.

"That's not low-income. That's a majority of households in America," said Rep. Wally Herger, R-Calif.

The bill specifically states that illegal immigrants would remain ineligible for the children's program, but Republicans seized on a section that would allow families to provide a Social Security number to indicate eligibility. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, said it's too easy to get a false number, which would give an opening for thousands of illegal immigrants to enroll.

But Democrats said the bill's original focus remained intact. States would be given bonuses for signing up low-income children already eligible for the program but not enrolled.

"Under current law, these boys and girls are entitled to their benefits," said Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich. "Continuing to not provide them with coverage is a travesty."

The president said his veto gives him a chance to weigh in on the future of the program.

"Sometimes the legislative branch wants to go on without the president, pass pieces of legislation and the president can then use the veto to make sure he's a part of the process," Bush said Wednesday.

Leading the discussions for his administration are Mike Leavitt, the health and human services secretary; Al Hubbard, director of the National Economic Council; and Jim Nussle, the White House budget chief.

Supporters of the bill said they already had compromised in winning passage of the bill last month in both houses. The House originally had proposed a $50 billion increase over five years.

The bill is bipartisan, and the Senate has shown it could override a veto. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has replied with an emphatic "no" when asked if he would seek a compromise with the administration.

Both the House and Senate have to override a veto for a bill to become law over a president's objection.

Through the program, the government and the states subsidize the cost of health coverage for families that earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford private insurance.

Bush has recommended a $1 billion annual increase in the program, bringing total spending over five years to $30 billion — half the level called for in the bill that he vetoed.

Proponents emphasized that the program still would focus on low-income families. Dingell said more than 90 percent of families covered have incomes that are below $41,300 for a family of four. That is the range that the program was originally designed to help.

"There will be no wealthy people covered," Dingell said.

Some public opinion polls indicate support for expanding the program. Sixty-one percent said Congress should override Bush's veto of a bill expanding the program, according to a CNN-Opinion Research Corp. poll released Wednesday. Blacks were more likely than whites to favor overriding Bush's veto.

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes from your Closet

Need to pull together a halloween costume in the last minute? Don't freak! Here are some ideas for you?

For a catwoman costume all you need is a black outfit from your closet. Add cats ears (which can be formed with your hair, and a tail,which you can make from a black scarf. Line your top and bottom lids with black eyeliner and extend the liner beyond the lid to make cat shaped eyes. You can draw on whiskers too.

Create a punkrocker outfit by pulling together the edgiest peices from your closet. Choose black, army green, with zippers and studs. For a girl, get black fishnet and a choker. Wear heavy eyeliner and black eyeshadow (boy or girl) and your costume is complete.

For a fairy costume, all you need is a set of wings and your most flowing dress. Add wear shiny and glittery makup to make your costume complete.

eyjoy, and be safe.


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Britney Spears' Mother Writes A Book About Parenting

It was announced today that Britney Spears' mother is writing a book about parenting.....

I almost don't know what to say about that.

I have often heard that no matter what it is you want to sell, if you put it out there, eventually, someone will come along and buy it....

It must be true....

I can not imagine anyone looking to Britney Spears' mother for parenting advice.

The book has been contracted by a publishing house that sells books through Christian book stores.....

And.....it will probably will make the best seller list....

Go figure..

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Watch Free Online Movies - Free Online Movie Downloads

Do you wish you had the ability to download all the movies you ever wanted without moving from the comfort of your home? Then look no further. Millions of people are downloading over 100 million quality movies from free online movies downloads site.


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Mike Lowell wins World Series MVP

AP Baseball Writer

Jack Dempsey / AP Photo
World Series MVP Boston Red Sox's Mike Lowell walks out of the locker room after Game 4 of the baseball World Series Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007, at Coors Field in Denver. The Red Sox won 4-3 to sweep the series.

DENVER -- Mike Lowell is much more than some throw-in on a Red Sox trade. He's the World Series MVP.

The steady third baseman capped an outstanding October with a big performance Sunday night, earning MVP honors as Boston finished a four-game sweep with a 4-3 victory over the Colorado Rockies.

Earlier in the Series, Lowell called himself "the throw-in" on the 2005 deal with Florida that brought ace Josh Beckett to Boston. Nobody looks at Lowell that way anymore.

"Pretty good throw-in, I guess," Lowell said, drenched in champagne as he clutched his glistening trophy in the raucous Red Sox clubhouse. "Icing on the cake. This is just extra special."

Lowell homered, doubled and scored twice in the Game 4 clincher at Coors Field, dirtying his uniform with a headfirst slide at the plate that typified his whatever-it-takes attitude. He hit .400 (6-for-15) in the Series with four RBIs, three walks and a team-high six runs.

"I'm on Cloud 9. It's unbelievable," said Lowell, a survivor of testicular cancer. "We've got a lot of people to give credit to."

When the Red Sox swept St. Louis in 2004 for their first championship in 86 years, Lowell was still in Florida. This time, he's got an invitation to the party.

A key cog in Boston's powerful lineup, Lowell bats fifth behind David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. Lowell's job is to protect those big boppers by driving in enough runs to make opponents think twice about walking them.

Few could have done it better this year.

Lowell set career bests by batting .324 with a team-leading 120 RBIs. Pretty good numbers to show potential suitors in the offseason, when he can become a free agent.

His best sales pitch, however, might be his production under pressure.

Lowell, who also won a World Series ring with the Marlins in 2003, hit .348 this postseason with two homers and 13 RBIs. He did it quietly, like almost everything. But that doesn't mean it went unnoticed.

About 15 minutes after the final out, a huge horde of red-clad Boston fans behind the third base dugout chanted "MVP! MVP!" for Lowell and "Re-sign Lowell! Re-sign Lowell!"

"Free agency to me is very new, so I'm going to take it step by step. But I've never hid the fact that I enjoy playing here in Boston," Lowell said. "I have great teammates, a great manager, great coaches, so we'll see what happens. But I'm more focused on celebrating right now."

A four-time All-Star, Lowell got tossed into the Beckett trade because the small-budget Marlins wanted to shed his $9 million salary after he had a disappointing season.

The Red Sox made him their everyday third baseman, and they've been rewarded with two fine years of professionalism and leadership.

"I was the throw-in in the deal. They needed Josh Beckett," Lowell said last week. "They needed to get a top right-handed pitcher, and I don't think the Red Sox after the '05 season were like, Lowell has to be in that deal for us to take Beckett. I'm sure that's not the way they were going."

It was Beckett who won the 2003 World Series MVP for the surprising Marlins.

Now, Lowell has a prize of his own.

"I think in '03 no one expected us to do anything, so we were kind of beating the odds each time," Lowell said. "But I think it's a little different when, from the onset, a lot of people are expecting you to win a world championship and if you don't it's a disappointing year. For us to come through and do what we thought we were capable of doing is unbelievable."

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Baseball: Alex Rodriguez Opts Out of Yankees Contract; Will Become Free Agent

New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, who had a spectacular offensive season, on Sunday night informed the team that he is opting out of his contract, according to SI.com.

Scott Boras, the agent for A-Rod, said that he had told the Yankees of the decision. The Yankees had said before the season ended that if Alex Rodriguez opted out of his contract, the team would not pursue him, so this would seem to end his tour of duty with the Yankees.

Now that Rodriguez has opted out of his contract, he will become a free agent. He had until 10 days after the end of the World Series to notify the team of his decision.

The Yankees had wanted to make re-signing A-Rod a priority, and there had been rumors that they were working on a big-money package to keep him in pinstripes. One media report said that they were planning to offer Rodriguez a five- or six-year extension that would be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million a year.

But in the end, it turns out A-Rod decided to opt out of the contract without even entering negotiations with the Yankees. ESPN radio in New York said that according to Yankee officials, Boras had turned down offers to meet with them in the last few days, so they were never able to present their package to Rodriguez.

The Yankees now have much work to do in the offseason, including finding a new manager after 12 seasons to replace Joe Torre, and trying to re-sign key veterans Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, and

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rick jacobs bigfoot

Yet another crazy hunter who thinks he photographed one of chewbacca's boys, otherwise known as Bigfoot or Sasqwatch. (if you want to get all fancy like)
Ofcourse he happend to have his automatic trigger camera just to photograph deer! Riiight!
I guess they could be real, and if that indeed proves to be the case, then the government must act imediatly to remove this threat to the nation by deporting all these flea bags to Canada!

See for your self!!!


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Boston Wins Baseball's World Series

The Boston Red Sox have won Major League Baseball's World Series, sweeping away the Colorado Rockies with four straight victories.

The American League Red Sox beat the National League's Rockies, 4-3, late Sunday to clinch the best-of-seven-games championship in Denver, Colorado.

Boston built a 3-0 lead by the seventh inning, and the Red Sox were up 4-1 in the eighth when Colorado's Garrett Atkins hit a two-run home run. But Boston's ace relief pitcher, Jonathan Papelbon, shut down the Rockies to preserve the win.

Boston also won the 2004 World Series by beating the St. Louis Cardinals in four straight games.

Colorado came into the series having won 21 of their last 22 games, while Boston came back from a three-games-to-one deficit to beat the Cleveland Indians for the American League title.

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Ophiuchus, Converting between bases, Capricorn, 2008 Horoscopes, Arias, Aol Horoscopes

Ophiuchus formerly referred to as Serpentarius, the former originating in Greek and the latter in Latin, both meaning "serpent-holder," is one of the 88 constellations and was also one of the 48 listed by Ptolemy. It is a large constellation located around the celestial equator between Aquila, Serpens and Hercules, northwest of the center of the Milky Way. The southern part lies between Scorpius to the west and Sagittarius to the east. Of the 13 zodiacal constellations (constellations that contain the Sun during the course of the year), Ophiuchus is the only one not counted as an astrological sign.

It is best visible in the northern summer and located opposite Orion in the sky. Ophiuchus is depicted as a man grasping a serpent; the interposition of his body divides the snake into two parts, Serpens Caput and Serpens Cauda, which are nonetheless counted as one constellation.

The brightest stars in Ophiuchus include α Ophiuchi, called Rasalhague, and λ Ophiuchi, a triple star (at his elbow).

RS Ophiuchi is part of a class called recurrent novae, whose brightness increase at irregular intervals by hundreds of times in a period of just a few days. It is thought to be at the brink of becoming a type-1a supernova.

Barnard's Star, one of the nearest stars to the Solar System (the only stars closer are the Alpha Centauri binary system and Proxima Centauri), lies in Ophiuchus. (It is located to the left of β and just north of the V-shaped group of stars in an area that was once occupied by the now-obsolete constellation of Taurus Poniatovii, Poniatowski's Bull.)

In April 2007, astronomers announced that the Swedish-built Odin satellite had made the first detection of clouds of molecular oxygen in space, following observations in the constellation Ophiuchus.

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