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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sarah Winchester Mansion

Sarah Winchester built the Winchester Mansion back in 1884. The very weird mansion is the subject of the show appearing on the Travel Channel called “Most Haunted Live.” Sarah Winchester spent 38 years building the Winchester Mansion; it was built without any blueprints or master plans.

Sarah Winchester believed that a curse had been placed on her family by vengeful spirits. These spirits placed the curse on her family because they were struck down by the destructive weapons that were created by Sarah Winchester’s husband. She claims that she was told that if she did not keep building the Winchester Mansion that she would die. This is really crazy, is it really possible she really had a curse placed on her family and that she was held captive by these spirits?

Sarah Winchester had only one child who died from marasmus. Her husband died from pulmonary tuberculosis. The Winchester Mansion is considered to be the most famous haunted mansion in America. The Winchester Mansion had no rhyme or reason to how it was built. There were chimneys that were built not to function, there were stairs that led up to the ceiling of the mansion, and there were also closets that opened up to walls. How creepy is that? With Halloween around the corner just hearing about this gives me a eerie feeling. If this interests you I am certain you can find out more about the Winchester Mansion as well as the program “Most Haunted Live.”

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