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Sunday, March 16, 2008

So who is going to die this week?

If the ABC Promo's are to be believed (remember Stranger in a Strange Land!) there is going to be yet another death to add to the ever mounting pile of bodies building up on the island.

I thought it would be worth doing a little post to see who it could be and what everyone's thoughts and ideas are. Here are mine.

What do you think? Agree/Disagree with my list? Sound off in the comments.

Safe List
Now that we know who the Oceanic 6 we can say that the following are safe.
Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley, Aaron. Also we know that Ben is off the Island.
Vincent - No way would they kill off the smoke monster!
Jacob - Probably would like to be put out of his misery of living in a movable shack but no he is safe.
Penny - She still needs to get to the Island, Ms Hawkings won't allow Penny to die just yet.

Possible but extremely unlikely
Locke - Rumored to have another centric Episode this season
Desmond - They won't kill him before some sort of final Penny meeting/wrapup
Michael - Would they really sign him up for a season just to kill him off? Although a lot of deaths in Lost occur in their centric episodes I just can't see this happening and he is my pick for who is in the coffin, plus we still have Walt to worry about.
Danielle - Promised a Flashback at some point.
Alpert - Remember him? Well Cane is dead but I doubt Richard will be.

Possible but unlikely
Like the above but in slightly more danger:
Sawyer - Be a brave move to kill off Sawyer and the triangle
Juliet - She has become a key figure this season and unlikely to be placed in a body bag just yet
Miles - Not enough is known of him although he must be getting tired of holding the grenade in his mouth
Charlotte - As above and she is rumoured to have a centric episode this season
Daniel - As above, I think there is still more to his story.
Frank - He seems very sympathetic to the Losties and seems just as confused as the rest of us. I think he will be around a little longer as he is needed to fly the helicopter, although I suspect Sayid has this skill up his sleeve if needed.
Rose/Bernard - We need Bernard's bumblings and the Rose aspect of the story still needs to be completed
Alex/Karl - Unlikely as it would bring nothing to the story.

Danger List - Main Cast
These are strong candidates in my opinion.

Claire - As we know she has given Aaron up to Kate. Was she forced to? Did she have no choice? Was she killed?
Jin - We all saw Jin's tombstone in Ji Yeon, is this the episode we find out how he perished (if he did indeed die at all)

Supporting Cast
Lesser characters that might get the bullet.

Keamy/Omar/Doc Ray/Captain Gault - My personal thought is one of these guys will perish. Not a very shocking death if it does occur
Random Redshirt - After the Mobisodes, I think we would all like to see Frogurt take a smackdown. But unlikely to be shocking.
Cindy - Who would care?
Harper - Unless she dies of Hypothermia after traipsing around the island in the rain, I think she is safe.

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