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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Elliott Yamin Named Global Ambassador Of The Inspired By Diabetes Creative Expression Competition

Elliott Yamin Named Global Ambassador Of The Inspired By Diabetes Creative Expression Competition
Elliott Yamin gained many fans as he sang his way into third place on American Idol 5. Today, Elliott is a rising star with Hickory Records and is using his fame to help raise diabetes awareness. As many fans of Elliott know, the singer was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 16 and has been very outspoken about his disease.

Elliott Yamin was recently named the Global Ambassador of the Inspired by Diabetes Creative Expression Competition. Elliott became an Ambassador to promote an increase in care of children with diabetes in developing nations and to show others like him, especially young children, that dreaming and doing big things is still possible.

Elliott Yamin said “A lot of young people with diabetes have said I’ve given them hope and made them believe in the power of music. They’ve told me how they’ve struggled and gone through difficult changes in their lives, and that seeing how I was able to achieve something through ‘Idol’ has inspired them to go for what they want. It’s amazing to me that I’ve played that role in someone’s life.”

The Inspired by Diabetes Creative Expression Competition is a global and national contest asking people with diabetes, as well as their family and friends, to express how diabetes has had an impact on their lives -- and share those stories with others around the world through art, essay, poetry, photography and music.

For each entry, global champion Eli Lilly and Company will donate funds to the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child program, which provides life-saving diabetes supplies to more than 500 children in 13 developing countries. And for every entry received in the United States, Lilly will also contribute funds toward diabetes youth outreach initiatives in the U.S., through scholarships for American Diabetes Association camps.

Elliott will serve as a judge for entries from the U.S., and will donate a package of concert tickets and backstage passes to the U.S. grand prize winners. In addition to the Yamin concert tickets for U.S. winners, the U.S. and global winners will each receive a $5,000 USD contribution to charity and a trip to the U.S. or global Inspired by Diabetes art exhibition.

“I’m thrilled to be joining this important campaign to help children with diabetes around the world,” said Elliott Yamin. “Children in developing nations often lack the medicines, supplies, education and basic care they need to survive and thrive. Even here in the U.S., there are kids who want to attend a diabetes camp but can’t afford it. By participating in the Inspired by Diabetes contest and expressing how diabetes affects you, you can have a direct impact on a child’s life.”

Elliott Yamin is already serving as a special ambassador for ADA’s youth outreach initiatives, and will participate in the IDF-led events to celebrate the first United Nations-designated World Diabetes Day on November 14 in New York.

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